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We give utmost importance to the quality of the produce as we are aware of the demands and concerns of the European consumers.

KBC Agro Exports complies with all current market standards applying to professional food suppliers. KBC Agro Exports has its own staff in India who are responsible for the quality control of the produce and implementation of the Global Gap norm with our producers. In addition, our growers must meet GLOBALGAP requirements so that we can guarantee our clients that products we bring to market meet all the highest standards for food product safety

KBC Agro Exports totally respects and appreciates the concerns of European consumers on quality and food safety aspects of fresh produce. We at KBC Agro Exports consider this subject to be of paramount importance and therefore do our utmost to more than meet the aspirations of ever demanding consumers. We consider sound food safety practices as our prime responsibility and commitment to our buyers.

Based on our systems, practices and experience, we are able to commit 100% plot-to-punnet and block-to-box traceability information on all punnets, cartons and pallets. We more than welcome suggestions and comments from our buyers in implementing any new standards and practices.

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